Arguably, the most advanced media center, XBMC brings unlimited possibilities in managing your content, watching online media, and much more…

The Videos section allows you to import your media collection into a library database. This database can be enhanced by utilizing Internet based media information, fan art, and thumbnail providers. Here is a glimpse of the library system and its view modes.

Main menu highlighting the Video section. (PM3.HD skin)

Video Library. Notice the Video Add-ons section which is expandable with numerous plugins you can download via the interface. You can browse content from open-source media directories allowing you to stream and download video, audio, pictures, and podcasts from numerous Internet sources.

Video section utilizing the search function with its virtual keyboard. (PM3.HD skin)

When configured the media in your library can be represented in a number of ways. Here is the Media Info view which gives you a plot summary, DVD cover art, etc. auto-installed via web portals of your choice.

A more simple view of the media library represented by DVD cover art.

Cover Flow view style similar to a carousel of DVD covers.

Fanart displays top artwork submitted by XBMC users across the Internet. The different styles of artwork can be viewed and selected through the configuration interface.

Thumbnail view.

There are many options for controlling the playback of your video media. Here is a On-Screen-Display overlay that appears when advancing, pausing, etc. controllable via remote or via a mouse if one is attached to the system. The video has many scalable options of zoom, aspect ratio, etc. that are kept as presets for the chosen media. If you stop playing a show part way through and decide to watch it at a later date the settings are remembered. You can resume from the previous position.

Main menu with the Programs section highlighted. (PM3.HD skin)

The Programs section allows you to expand on the functionality of the XBMC media center by browsing, selecting, and downloading add-ons designed to interface with the system. Notice the currently playing media scaled to the lower right corner of the screen. This way you can continue watching or listening to your media while you perform other tasks.

Main menu with the Music section highlighted. (PM3.HD skin)

Music supports a countless number of formats and codecs. It has a full-featured music library that makes it easy to organize, find and listen to your favorite music. There is full playlist support and the capability to stream thousands of radio stations directly from the internet. Music is also expandable with plugins like Shoutcast and GrooveShark. Here is one of the On-Screen-Displays of visual music animation.

Main menu with the Pictures section highlighted. XBMC provides an easy way to view your pictures. It allows you to view them as a slideshow with nice transition effects and even allows you to listen to your music while viewing.